Europe 2000

    EUROPE 2000


Victim of a fracture of the collarbone on May 7th, Laurence Leboucher was deprived of World cup, but she makes the magnificent second part of season during which she has just taken away the Championship of Europe, fortnight having won that of France. Where will she arrest ?

     Deprived of World Cup appeared in entrance to the menu of year 2000, her has just swallowed time after time the main courses of the Championships of France and Europe. After that, dessert the Olympic Games already has to incite her appetite. Assured henceforth by her place in selection, she obtained to Rhenen the champion's second title of Europe of her career. A victory forged on and in the profession. " Before returning me to Netherlands, it was clear in my spirit, she says. I left for making the ride and not for obtaining at all costs my selection for the Olympic Games. But the day before the test, I learnt that my champion's title of France did not assure me to leave for Australia, then my approach of the ride of Rhenen changed. "

    A stalk shot down by this looks, which had been expressed nevertheless clearly to leave her the time to return in balls after her accident of the beginning of season, Laurence Leboucher asked questions. " I wondered if we did not doubt a few my capacities, she says. I had the impression that we did not rely on me. I had just won the Championships of France and it was still not enough. That to make? "

    The answer, the World champion 98 found her on the ground. " At the beginning of the Championship, she summarizes, I stayed in a small group. I made the elastic, I did not want to take the slightest risk, just to privilege my selection to the Olympic Games. This management of the ride allowed me to protect me and to attack without terrifying me during the third tour. I was still cool. It is the first time which I so win with profession. This way of ride is going to serve me for the next Olympic Games. In Sydney, many girls will be capable of winning but to reach there it will not need to neglect the management of the ride. And that, now, I know how to make! "


    Laurence Leboucher is not asked for going farther to his Olympic reflection. " In the Games, everything will be possible, she pursues. I, it is at least the first time of my career that I shall go to it with the feeling and the hope to be able to make something. I do not want to take myself the head with the stake in this ride. It would be the best way of losing all my means. A single matter imports me, it is to come back from Sydney without regret. If I arrive there, my contract will be performed. I am hungry, I ran only one spring this year, I am not saturated by competitions and I avoided all the last great journeys. " Aware to return to the highest level in a period hinge of the season, Laurence Leboucher does not yet want to dive totally into the last big objective of the year. She prefers " savor this champion's new title of Europe, which is more beautiful than the precedent, because the last victories are always those whom we appreciate most. " Until next time ! 



    1. Laurence Leboucher, 32 km 1 h
    2. Pozzo (ITA). at 40" ,
    3 Alexander (GBR), at 58" ;
    4. Vlnk (HOL), at 2'8" ;
    5. Spin (ALL), at 2'52" .
    8. Zu Puttlitz (ALL), at 3'4" ;
    7 Jonsson (SUE), at 4'2" ;
    8. Dorland (HOL), at 4'29" ;
    9. Blatter (SUI), at 5'42" ;
    10. Stropparo (ITA), at 5'48" ; ...
    15. Villeneuve, at 7'54" :
    27. Rode, at 18'31"