Sports past

    Feminine Cycling


    Tour de France with Mr. Bonhomme

    The cycling: a passion

    The cycling was for Laurence an experience of professional from the beginning. Already, the most difficult were to find professional's cycle by saving and by working for the cycle. A certain determinism allowed her to take away very early champion's title of junior France of cycling in 1989.

    From this victory began a career amateur in the feminine cycling.


     champion of Junior France.


    Tour of Perreux: 1st
    Tour of Armor C.L.M.: 1st
    Round of Isère C.L.M.: 1st.
    Champion of Normandy and 15th in the world championship.


    Selected in the Olympic Games of Barcelona.
    6th in the Tour of the Aude
    6th in the Championship of France.
    1st in the Prestige Ornais
    1st in the Breton Run-up.


    Selected in the World championship of Oslo.
    1st in the Tour of the Tarn and the Garonne
    1st in Grand Prix of France.
    Champion of Normandy.


    Debuts in Mountain Bike
    1st in the Development Mayennais. accidents.


    Road of the Muscadet wine: 1st
    Stopwatch Aquitain: 1st
    Tour of High Vienna: 1st
    Criterium of Forges : 1st ...

    Beginning a career in Mountain Bike ...

    1998 :

    - The first one of the road of the Muscadet wine.
    - the First one in the tour of the Country of Ambert.
    - the First one in the tour of Arlanc.
    - the First one in the tour of the Drôme. Vice champion of France Time-Trial.

    2002 :

    -Vice champion of France Time-Trial.

    At the end of the cycling feminine amateur.